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Roy 'Retires'

As from January 2008, Roy has officially 'retired'. He made the decision after his brush with cancer in 2007. Having pulled through surgery, and  having had two 'all clear' scans since then, he decided that perhaps he was not immortal after all and that he needed to concentrate on doing the things he wanted to do sooner rather than later.

The most exciting of these include driving his 'new' Ferrari. (A red Ferrari 360 Spider F1)

He will certainly also continuing to paint his wonderful pictures - but there will be no more demonstrating, teaching, or major involvement with staging exhibitions or chairing meetings.

He has pulled back from nearly all his official commitments and resigned from all those committees, but he will stay on the Committee of the local Art Society until their AGM in March 2009. He is currently their President too and will stay in that post until the end of his 3 year term of office in March 2010.

He will also continue to sketch with the Langham Sketch Club in London.

There will be no 'Open Studio' at his home in November 2008 - although he may still be persuaded to show new work at a special Summer opening in 2009.

Roy thanks all his many clients and students, so many of whom have become wonderful personal friends too over many years, and he and his wife, Dinah, will always be pleased to see any of them (they ask that you ring first - not just turn up on their doorstep!)

He also thanks Winsor and Newton, who supported him continually throughout his career.



Roy Chaffin's 'Brush with the Wild'.
he first of Roy’s long-awaited series of teaching videos (also available as DVDs) is called “A Brush with the Wild”, and each programme is divided into sections.

Volume One includes; ‘Chapters’ on
‘Painting in Layers’, ‘Choosing and Using Brushes’ and ‘Painting Fur’
It is nearly 2 hours long stuffed full with Roy’s tips and hints and although based around the painting of a snow leopard, most of the information given can be applied to any subject. (Except perhaps painting fur!)

Useful to all artists - the brushes section for example covers all media including watercolour - it will most interest those working in acrylics or oils.

The video or DVD retails at £29.99. Orders can be placed through the studio where the same price includes post and packing.  We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cheques!


Following Roy's 'retirement' (see above) he regrets that there will not be any sequel to the first DVD.


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