" RCS B-25J RAF Sperry Update "

During the confusion of releasing a new B-25 package I inadvertently left a couple of lines in the "Aircraft.cfg" file "remarked out", which causes the Sperry to act strangely.

The two lines in question are in the [Autopilot] section of the "Aircraft.cfg" file :-


To fix this problem manually, just open the file with a text editor and remover the two "//" before each line.

Alternatively download this amended file 

Click Here



CFS3 Stuff


NO CD Patch for CFS3 version 3.1

To download  Click Here


General  Stuff



To download the "Latest"  RealCRT gauge package ""

Click Here

RealCRT Registration Details

Many people email me asking how to register RealCRT gauges with Tony. 

 click here 




To download the B717 Version 5.2s Upgrade

Click Here


To download the A330 Version 2.0s Beta 2 Upgrade

Click Here



To download the A320 Version 1.5.2s Upgrade

Click Here


To download the A330 Version 1.5.2s Upgrade

Click Here


To download the A340 Version 1.5.2s Upgrade

Click Here



To download the TA 747 Version 1.5

Click Here


To download the TA 777 Version 1.3

Click Here



FS2002 Stuff

Nothing yet !!



FS2000 Stuff

FS2000 Pro & Standard Patch 2 Take 2

Here we go again :-))  MS have now released their second attempt at "Patch 2" for FS2000 Pro and Standard versions. Excuse me if I don't sound convinced, but we have been here before.

To download the FS2000 Pro version Patch 2B 

Click Here.

To download the FS2000 Standard version Patch 2B 

Click Here.


FS2000 Upgrade problems

There do seem to be a number of problems with the FS2000 upgrade. The biggest of which seems to be problems with the installer.

Apart from the "Weather.DLL" problem, many people have now got missing gauges in the default panels.

The installer seems to remove the old gauges but not replace them with the new ones. This you can do manually, if you open the "----.exe" file with Winzip.

1. Run up Winzip, File Open, change to All Files, and then double click on the "---.exe" file.

2. You will now be presented with a list of all the files in the Zip. 

3. Drag the missing file, ie. Boeing~1.gau to your desktop.

4. Rename the file to whatever it is meant to be (See panel.cfg file) ie. Boeing777-300.gau 

5. Place the new file in your FS2000 gauges folder, and all should be well.


FS2000 Fix Problems

If you have downloaded the FS2000 FIX and have run across a problem after installation like many. (me included on a friends machine), where you get a "Weather.DLL" loading problem when you run up FS2000 after you have installed the FIX. Then the instructions below are the only way I have found to solve the problem.

1. Uninstall FS2000.

2. Reinstall FS2000.

3. Run up FS2000 once and close.

4. Install the FIX.

5. Run up FS2000 and all should be well.

This is long winded and very annoying, but it seems to work.


FS2000 Fix

If you have the FS2000 PRO version, you can download the FIX from my FTP site by Clicking Here. Be warned it is 9 mbs in size.


FS2000 - NO CD fix

If you have installed a "Full Installation" and are sick of having to put the FS2000 CD in the drive every time you run up FS2000 then Click here for a "NO CD fix. Just follow the instructions in the included Readme file and off you go.

I have tested it personally and it works like a charm. As a developer, who needs the CD drive for other things at the same time as FS2000 it is a real joy.


FS2000 No Brakes Message

I was asked if the annoying "Brakes" message can be removed from FS2000. Well no sooner said than done, Click Here for a modified replacement file that will remove the messages. See Readme for instructions on installation.



R4D Stuff

R4D-6 Version 4 Patch 2 (Patch 1 no longer required with this)

I am delighted to tell you the Beta Testing on "Patch 2" for the R4D-6 is complete. The patch worked "right out of the box". 100% success with the beta testers.

It has solved the missing gauges problem some people were having. It has also solved the Real Weather and Multiplayer problems. Now the package seems to work with all the third party add-ons, as far as we can tell, which is great news.

It is also worth downloading and installing it even if you did not have any previous problems with the package, because the code used in the patch will improve the performance of the package on all machines.

There is no need to download "Patch 1" if you haven't already done so because it is included in "Patch 2", however if you have already installed "Patch 1" no damage will be done when you install "Patch 2".

The Patch is a self extracting "exe" file that will install itself for you. BUT make sure you read the on-screen instructions.

To download "Patch 2" (2mbs)  Click Here 


DC-3 Final Patch for Versions 2 and Version 3 Upgrade

As mentioned earlier this is the "Final Patch" for Version 3 Upgrade (which you can apply to version 2 if you still fly it). This is not required for the "Standalone" version.

This Patch includes a new flight model with outstanding ground steering. Slow, unsynchronized gear retraction/extension by Eric Mitchell.  Plus a new FS2000 Sperry Mark III AP fix by Arne Bartels. (This patch is already included in the Standalone version).

                For the patch Click Here.

Although certain names are attached to the various modifications. it is worth pointing out that the whole team plays a very active roll in all these changes, and they also deserve your thanks.

OK, Version 3 is now completely finished. We are now concentrating on learning the inner workings of FS20000 and producing Version 4, which we hope will completely blow you away :-)  In the new year.


DC-3 Handles on the ground

I am delighted to tell you that my friend Erik Ellis, who is a professional B747 Senior Captain from "down under", has managed to put the finishing touches to the ".AIR" file that many of us here, have worked on, so that it "handles brilliantly on the ground". This file works equally well with FS98 or FS2000.

Many thanks Erik, from all of us for doing the seemingly impossible :-)

To get the new file Click Here, and follow the instructions in the attached Readme file.


DC-3 Version 2 3DFX "Grey Out"  fix 

The very first people to download version 2, got main bitmaps that were not 3DFX compatible. This was a packing error, and was rectified within the first 12 hours.

If you have experienced the "Grey Out" in 3DFX Click Here for the fix.