RCS B-25J Mitchell MkIII CD Service

Owing to huge popular demand from people that do not have a Broadband internet connection we have produced a "No Frills" CD which just has the EXE file on it.

These CD's will be mailed to anywhere in the world for a nominal fee. This is NOT PAYWARE and purely a service to those that need it, and the price only covers the costs of production of the CD's, handling, packaging and mailing. Obviously because of the numbers of discs involved it will be necessary to employ a paid person as required to carry out all the above tasks.

The cost of this CD service is 10 UKP, $15 USD, or 15 Euros per disc.

To order your CD Click Here for the Order Form, which must be printed out, completed and sent by normal mail to the address on the Order Form, along with your money or credit card details. Email orders will not be accepted, because sending credit card details over the net is very dangerous.

Every effort will be made to ensure the CD's are mailed quickly, but please allow 28 days before following up your order.

Order Form

Important Notice

RCS Panels has no objections to any individual downloading the package from the net and placing it on a CD for a friend or friends, but we strictly forbid anyone making and selling CD's, and will take action against any such person that tries.